Friday, 29 July 2011

Other engines, and submitting your site

Following the success at getting this blog onto Google's first page, let's see how we're doing with other search engines.

Bing: not there.
Yahoo: not there.

Dogpile: Yes! At the time of this writing, in positions 6 and 7 for this blog, and in position 11 for the website.

That last result can be put down to the fact that dogpile is a meta-search-engine. It scours Google and Yahoo! and Bing, and serves up results from all three. It finds us because Google finds us.

So, why aren't we there on Yahoo! and Bing yet? It might be more relevant to ask why we're there on Google. We haven't explicitly told any of the search engines about either the blog or the website. Bear in mind, though that blogger/blogspot is a Google property. Anything that gets posted there, they will know about instantly. How they knew about the website before I mentioned it on the blog is a bit harder to explain, but it should suffice to say that Google are very good at finding new content on the web.

Yahoo! and Bing should find us eventually. Should we hurry things along by explicitly informing them? I won't in this case, because I don't want to draw too much attention to the website before there is some worthwhile content there, but if you find that the search engines are being slow about finding your site, and you want to hurry things along, the thing to do is let them know about you by giving them your URL.

To submit a site to Google, use For Bing, the place to go to is For Yahoo! use

For all the others, to cut a long story short, Yahoo have a good directory of site submission links:

If you use these facilities, try to provide a URL from which search engines can navigate and discover all the rest of your site that you want to be made public. Usually the home page should be OK.

And why not let us know how your DIY SEO went? That's what the comments box is for. How long did it take for the search engines to discover your new site?

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